5 Ways to Protect Natural Hair

5 Ways to Protect Natural Hair

November 04, 2020 0 Comments

Your hair is your crown and it deserves your care and protection. There are so many ways you can think of to protect your natural hair, but these quick and easy steps will set you on your way to healthy and length preserved natural hair. 


Yes, it’s said so often but it’s the truth. Spending the time to moisturize your natural tresses will only bring benefits of growth, shiny, volume filled lustrous hair with little to no breakage in sight. The art to correct moisturizing for natural hair include spritzing the hair with a little water, adding your desired hair moisturizing cream, and sealing with an oil of your choice.

 Protective styling

The style you choose is completely up to you none is better than the other as long as there is no excessive pressure or intentional damage posed to hair strands and edges. Twisted or braided updo’s, knotless or box braids, twists, plaits, crochet braids, weaves, and wig installations. Enjoy the benefit of a new look while your hair rests and remains safely tucked away from over manipulation.

Satin bonnet

The use of a satin bonnet should be mandatory to encourage healthy growth, retention and maintained moisture for natural hair.



Limit heat

Excessive or frequent use of heat on natural hair without proper heat protectants will cause heat damage and split end breakages throughout the shaft of your hair.

Detangle with conditioner and a wide tooth comb

It’s essential that detangling is practiced after hair is deep conditioned where the necessary amount of slip is present to encourage limited to no breakage. The use of a wide tooth comb further ensures that hair strands are not exposed to splits, snags, pops or knots that lead to breakage.

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