5 Ways Magnesium Helps Weight Loss

5 Ways Magnesium Helps Weight Loss

October 27, 2020 0 Comments

5 Ways Magnesium Can Help in Weight Loss

Magnesium has an important role to play in weight loss for a lot of different reasons. Let's see some of the ways how this mineral helps in effective weight loss through the scientific role it plays in increasing the body's natural ability to burn excessive fat.

  1. It Normalizes Blood Sugar Levels

A disruption in the blood glucose levels can lead to significant weight gain. This happens when the body becomes insensitive to the glucose found in the blood by a factor known as insulin resistance, which results in the accumulation of free fatty acids in the adipose tissues of the body. As the resistance is increased, this process accelerates, ultimately leading to weight gain. This is the main reason why many diabetics complain of rapid weight gain and have a BMI that falls in the obese category. Magnesium aids in targeting the problem by increasing insulin sensitivity and possibly reversing the process, which leads to weight loss.

2.  Magnesium Improves Sleep Quality

Many people having higher cortisol levels or stress hormone levels in the body complain of trouble sleeping at night. The effect is linked to increased inflammation in the body that results in weight gain. There are scientific studies that reveal a disturbed sleeping pattern can cause weight gain in individuals. Magnesium can help individuals combat the issue by decreasing the levels of cortisol hormones in the body that lead to a healthy night's sleep.

3Magnesium Enhances Muscle Contraction

Magnesium, physiologically speaking, is helpful in making the muscles relaxed when they are going through a series of rapid contractions. This allows the skeletal muscles to rest during strenuous workout routines and prevents the occurrence of spasms in the body. Many people hesitate to exercise for longer times or simply give up doing workouts as they face a muscle injury during exercise. Magnesium specifically helps in alleviating these conditions by boosting up the muscle recovery time. As a result, the person can perform the exercise for a longer duration without getting burned out.

4. Magnesium Fights Inflammation

Inflammation is the causative factor in biology for obesity and rapid weight gain. If not controlled, it can lead to undesired consequences such as atherosclerosis and even heart attack. For example, one such evidence suggests that the mineral balances out the effect of sodium in the body and restricts the development of excess water weight in the body. The additive effects of magnesium in the body against inflammation help the body to sustain a healthy BMI and prevent weight gain. 

5. Magnesium Boosts up Metabolism

Magnesium plays a vital role in accelerating the overall metabolism of the body that is needed to burn excess fat stored in the body. The mineral binds with the ATP molecules in the body to increase energy production in the body in the form of cellular respiration.

The role of magnesium as an element for reducing weight has substantial importance when it comes to nutrition. We hope this article gave you an insight into how magnesium can help you to lose weight in different ways.