5 Tips to Grow Natural Hair

5 Tips to Grow Natural Hair

October 22, 2020 0 Comments

People think locs are low maintenance and you just get up and go. It can be that way but for me getting locs taught me how to really care for my hair. 

I went natural two years before getting my locs. Trial and error worked okay but heat damage had me in a spot of panic. Do I cut my hair off and start over with a big chop or do I want to get locs. 

I chose the locs. And from then on I started my search to truly care for my hair. Below are the top things I discovered when caring for your natural hair that no one really talks about. 



Make sure you figure out how to moisturize your hair. TIP: Moisture is different depending 

I hate grading my hair but if I was to do so I'm a 4C texture. Probably the most sensitive and temperamental of the hair textures. But I had to learn that taking care of my hair is an honor not a burden. I have to be patient with my hair and with that patience I learned how to really moisturize. 

I started using rose water and vitamin E oil as a spray mist on my hair and it did wonders for my growth. I always had this point in the middle of my head that would break off and I discovered why. I needed moisture. 



All protective styles aren't great. I tried to get some box braids once and took them out the same day they were so damn tight. It was my fault, I knew better but I was desperate and tired of wrestling with my hair. 

Just know that protective styles should not cause extreme pain. 

On top of that you have to know how to properly protect your hair. Wearing satin lined bonnets or wraps, satin pillow cases, satin lined coats and jacket hoods also. Think about how many places your head touches. It can cause damage if your hair is on rough surfaces and those items can drain moisture. 




You don't take care of yourself properly when your stressed. And the first part of your body that shows. Your hair will be brittle and break so when I get stressed out I make sure to take extra care of my hair. 



If you are eating inflammatory foods and your body is getting no nutrients what do you think will happen to your hair?

It won't be good I can tell you that. Hair needs vitamins and the body is made up of 102 minerals that it needs to survive. If you are eating a bunch of processed food that does not feed your body then your hair will not grow. In fact you may begin to see hair loss. 



It takes time for hair to grow. Instant hair growth and maintaining it is not logical it takes time for your hair follicles to push out the hair and it usually happens at a rate of a 1/2 inch per month. Taking that into a account the best way to speed this process up is taking care of yourself, relieving stress, getting herbs and water. Its that simple but it takes Patience to keep going.