5 Tips to Grow Your Natural Hair

5 Tips to Grow Your Natural Hair

November 04, 2020 0 Comments

Hair growth tips for black women

As black women it is believed that hair will only grow to a point and then break. The truth is this doesn’t have to be the reality. For black women hair has the potential to grow to whatever desired length by incorporating the necessary steps to achieve it.


  • Moisturize

Hair thrives on moisture, so it’s important to choose shampoo’s that are sulfate free that will not strip away the natural oils from the hair. The use of a moisturizing conditioner with each wash session helps to also impart moisture to the strands of your hair to prevent breakage. The practice of deep conditioning once or twice per month proves to be beneficial to a healthy hair journey. The use of shea butter, argan oil and castor oil are instrumental and acts as great sealants to keep hair moisturized. 


  • Hydrate

Though often dismissed this step is very important to hair growth in black women. Drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water per day helps the moisture balance found within hair.



  • Avoid Sulphate Shampoos

Sulphate create the ‘suds’ in shampoo. This tends to remove necessary moisture from the hair that leads to hair becoming dry, brittle, or damaged.


  • Eat right


Having a balanced diet daily rich in protein, carbohydrates, starch, fruits, and dark leafy green vegetables promote healthy and sustained hair growth.


  • Use a satin bonnet or pillowcase

Cotton pillowcases absorb the moisture from your hair and leaves it dry. The use of a satin pillowcase or bonnet will prevent this from happening and allow the moisture to be retained within the hair strands.


  • Care for your scalp

Keep your scalp moisturized, free of product build up and stress. To prevent your scalp from becoming clogged ensure that you shampoo weekly and massage it into the scalp. This removes oil build up and dead skin cells from the scalp to encourage healthy growth. Stress can lead to the production of free radicals that affect the health of your scalp that can lead to breakage, thinning or balding.

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