50 Affirmations to Relieve Anxiety

50 Affirmations to Relieve Anxiety

October 12, 2020 0 Comments

I went many years not understanding what anxiety was and then once I started to heal I figured out there are many different ways to find relief for anxiety. For me affirmations is one of them. That's why I have compiled 50 different affirmations that help me with my anxiety. 

Anxiety can get nestled in our subconscious minds from different trauma. To heal from it I had to dig deep. Here are some affirmations to get your through. 


  1. I breathe in relaxation, I breathe out tension.
  2. I am capable of solving any problems that face me.
  3. I am free of anxiety and am living a calm life.
  4. I am ridding my mind of negative thoughts and filling it with positive ones.
  5. Anxiety might make me feel uncomfortable but I am in charge of my mind and body.
  6. I am more and more calm with each deep breath I take.
  7. I am attracting positive energy into my body.
  8. I am free of anything that weighs me down.
  9. I have everything I need for a happy life.
  10. I have the ability to overcome anxiety.
  11. I am safe and in control.
  12. The feelings of panic are leaving my body.
  13. My mind is clearing and I am in control.
  14. I am freeing myself from stress.
  15. I am relaxing each part of my body.
  16. I am ridding my mind of negative thoughts and filling it with positive ones.
  17. I am more and more calm with each deep breath I take.
  18. I am now in control.
  19. My body is calm.
  20. All is well in my world.


21. Its Only a Thought and a Thought can be changed

22. I forgive myself and set my myself free

23. I trust the process

24. Abundance is all around me. 

25. I am infinitely made. 

26. I trust myself

27. I have compassion for myself

28. It is safe for me to speak for myself

29. I forgive everyone in my past for all perceived wrongs. I release them with love



We have to come to terms with our traumas and the wrongs that people have caused us. Letting go isn't easy and really it may take you a lot longer than what you want. But if you start out with telling yourself and the universe that you forgive these people and let them go. Your mind and spirit will begin to make a decision. 


30. I am in charge of how I feel and today I choose happiness. 

31. As I say yes to life, life says yes to me. 

32. I am at home in my body.

33. My spirit is beautiful

34. I can change my life however I see fit

35. I am not mad at myself for what I didn't know

36. It is okay if I need to get help. I am worthy of help

37. I am perfectly me

38. I release all fear from my mind

39. I will listen to my body

40. There is nothing wrong with the way I feel.

41. I choose to see the good in myself

42. I am magnifying the good in my life.

43. I release myself from anger

44. I will speak kindly to others and to myself

45. I am amazing

46. I allow myself to forgive, it will allow me to move beyond the pain to a place of peace.

47. I release all fear from my mind

47. I accept the good that is flowing into my life.

48. I am brillant

49. How I feel is okay

50. The boundaries that I set are absolutely fine...


Meditate on these affirmations to progress in your healing. 

Peace and Love Be With You!